#hilaryillustration HILARY SANDEMAN
How do I commission work from you? Email me at info@hilarysandemanillustration.com, with a short description of your project and the illustration/s you need. I’ll contact you within 48 hours to discuss your needs via phone or email. For a large project we can skype or meet to discuss the project. For a single illustration I will send you a rough copy of the illustration for your feedback. Once we have confirmed the concept, I will send you a low-res version of the final illustration. You can request up to two rounds of additional changes prior to completion. I will then send you the final low-res copy and an invoice. On payment of the invoice I will send the hi-res final copy within 24 hours. For multiple illustrations I will send an initial sample so we can reach agreement about the illustration style. Once we agree on this I will complete rough copies of the final illustrations, and obtain your feedback. I will then complete final copies and send you low-res copies. You can request up to two further rounds of changes to the final version prior to completion. On payment of the final invoice I will send the hi-res final copy within 24 hours. For large projects we may arrange for batches of illustrations to be completed from rough to final version. What are your terms of payment? I will send you a tax invoice with my ABN when payment is due. Terms of payment depend on the scale of the project. Single illustration 50% payment up front 50% payment on completion Multiple illustrations For multiple illustrations you can pay for a single illustration initially, to confirm that you are satisfied with the style and approach. Otherwise terms of payment are 1/3 up front, 1/3 roughs received 1/3 project completion.

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